Bytomic Speed Ball Platform With Speed Bag

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The Bytomic Speed Ball Platform with Speed Bag provides a great training aid for MMA, Boxing, Martial arts and so much more.

  • The wooden platform can be held in place onto the wall using the metal bracket.
  • The set comes with 2 wall brackets which allow you to affix platform at any desired height on the wall.
  • The bracket is made from steel which has been made to the highest standard and then powder coated to protect the metal from rust and scratches.
  • The set also comes with all necessary bolts and nuts.
  • The platform is made from 18mm MDF which is easy to clean and waterproof for lasting durability.
  • The ball is made from PVC and is laminated inside with several layers of cloth to give it the weight and strength.
  • The ball has a rubber bladder inside which is inflated with a standard football pump to give shape the ball.
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Punch Bags