Better data. Better workout. Better you.

Create a personalized profile, track your daily activity and your workouts, while the sensor provides real-time data to help you measure your speed, force, and progress over time.

When paired with the Aqua Training Bag, the Aqua Training Bag Sensor lets you workout smarter and get the most bang for each and every workout.

Works exclusively with the 21”, 18” and 15” Aqua Training Bags.

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  • Link to your smartphone

  • Track your workouts

  • Round by round analytics

Bulk Purchasing & Wholesale Orders

All Aqua Training Bags are available for wholesale/bulk pricing to eligible retailers, gyms, clubs and more.

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Level up your boxing game. Train longer and harder with Aqua Training Bag

Aqua Training Bag is the original & worldwide best selling Water Filled Punch Bag. Accept no imitations, our bags are like no other.

Since 2015 our our eye-catching swirl pattern design that is 100% unique to each individual bag has been turning heads in boutique boxing gyms accross the globe.

If you've seen a professional boxer using a water filled punch bag in the lead up to their fight, it will be one of our bags.

ATB has been using by Canelo Alvarez, GGG, Floyd Mayweather, Anthony Joshua, Mike Tyson and thousands of other professional athletes.