Aqua Bag and The Royal Marines Jiu Jitsu Foundation

Aqua Bag and The Royal Marines Jiu Jitsu Foundation

We love how easy social media has made it for people to connect with us. With channels such as Instagram and Facebook, we can post a video of someone training on an Aqua Bag in the morning and have a full inbox of questions by the afternoon!

Recently among these messages, we were contacted by a Sergeant in The Royal Marines! We always love to support a good cause and the Royal Marines Jiu Jitsu Foundation is most certainly that.

The Royal Marines BJJ Foundation, was set up to support, serving personnel and veterans, with their recovery paths to overcoming physical and mental disabilities. 

We sent over one of our 21' Heavy Bags, which will be great additional training tool for any of their personnel, training and working towards recovery.

Aqua Bag's unique construction means it is easier on joints than a traditional punch bag, which is great for everyone, especially those with physical disabilities.  

You can check out some of the guys training on the Aqua Bag here

The Royal Marines JiuJitsu Foundation, do really amazing work so please follow them on Instagram and check out more info on their website.

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