Aqua Bag and Warrior Collective (Muay Thai and Kicks)

Aqua Bag and Warrior Collective (Muay Thai and Kicks)

We recently sent over a 21' Bad Boy Blue Heavy Bag to our friends at Warrior Collective. These guys provide a very diverse range of martial arts tutorial videos and in depth product demo's. 

Aqua Bag started out in boxing clubs and gyms, as it is, quite simply, great to punch! As the Aqua Bag offers less joint pain on impact and more positive resistance, you stay punching the bag for longer and train harder.

What about kicks though? Many disciplines of martial arts use a combination of kicks, knees and punches so how would you perform these on the Aqua Bag? 

Stuart, from Warrior Collective, has put together this very in depth tutorial and demonstration video, to show you how you can train kicks and Muay Thai techniques on the Aqua Bag 21' bag.

Warrior Collective will be releasing another Aqua Bag video soon, so make sure you subscribe to their YouTube channel to keep up to date with their latest content.

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