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Aqua Punching Bag 21" - Haymaker Black

Aqua Punching Bag 21" - Haymaker Black

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Accept No Imitations! The original and #1 best selling Aqua Training Bags are used by fitness studios, professional boxers and fighters around the globe. They come complete with a 6 month manufacturers warranty.

Aqua Punching Bags harness all of the power and benefits of water to provide you with a one-of-a-kind boxing or MMA experience. They’re easier on joints, offer more resistance, and feel more like hitting a person. When you hit an Aqua Punch Bag for the first time, you will never go back to working out with a traditional heavy bag.

Aqua Punch Bags are created by one of the oldest and well-respected manufacturing companies in the USA, they are incredibly durable and can withstand even the most impressive combos, so that’s why they come with a 6 month warranty!

At 21 inches and 190 pounds, this is our largest heavy bag. The unique teardrop shape allows you to deliver powerful combinations including deep uppercuts. Your energy is absorbed, giving you the ability to train harder and longer. Don’t take it easy on this bag – it can handle it and so can you! Seriously, take this water heavy bag on with any hit, kick combo you can muster up. The marine-grade vinyl composition will ensure durability and less wear and tear on your joints. Say goodbye to the underwhelming settling and hard spots you once had to deal with on your traditional heavy bag. This is the heavy bag of the future!

The 21 inch bag weighs about 190 pounds. Its perfect for those who wish to practice power punching or kicking combinations.

  • Weighs 15lb unfilled, 190lbs filled
  • Hanging Kit Sold Separately
  • Dimensions: 31″ X 21″ X 21″
  • Other Attributes: UV Resistant, 6 month Warranty
  • Additional Items Included: Shackle, Hose-Filling Nozzle & Extra Stopper
  • Our unique new valve system released in 2018 allows you to pump up your Aqua Training Bag once it is filled with water, to keep it's form in perfect shape and ensure your bag stays 'wrinkle-free'!

Filling your Aqua Punching Bag: 

  1. Remove the valve plug with a Phillips head screwdriver.
  2. Connect the hose-filling attachment to your hose.
  3. Before starting the water, place the tip of the hose attachment into the hole of the Head Hunter Slip Ball.
  4. When you have filled the desired amount of water, shut the water off and remove the hose attachment.
  5. Place the valve plug back into the bag and tighten with the Phillips head screwdriver until snug.
  6. Top off head with air using an air pump that has a needle.

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      21” 190 lb. Aqua Punching Bag FEATURES:

      IDEAL FOR EVERY TYPE OF BOXER — From 20 years of
      experience to zero; from boxing champions to total beginners – people of
      all skill levels can benefit from the Aqua Training Bag no matter what
      their level of expertise is.

      EXCLUSIVE BAG COLORS — Aqua Training Bags come in a
      variety of eye-catching colors. Each bag is individually hand-swirled
      and produced with its own unique swirl pattern, so no two bags are ever
      exactly alike.

      REVOLUTIONARY DESIGN — The teardrop shape and
      water-filled interior absorbs the impact of each strike, giving you an
      intense workout and overall enhanced training session. You’ll never want
      to pound sand again!

      BUILT TO LAST — Made in the USA with thick-walled
      vinyl and injection-molded ends, Aqua Training Bags were designed to
      handle even the most vicious strikes. They are also UV resistant and

      ULTRA VERSATILE — The portable bag can be suspended
      from a ceiling mount or the Aqua Punching Bag Stand and can handle
      anything thrown at it – perfect for boxing training, mixed martial arts,
      and general fitness enthusiasts to work with.